About Us

ROCIO is a creative sustainable fashion label. Founded and based in Scotland by award winning designer Hamish Menzies. The brand's philosophy is to design in a high art style and create using only the finest contemporary materials and sustainable woods.
ROCIO designs are individually carved from solid blocks of aged, fallen or harvested acacia wood by the artisan's hand over a meticulous nineteen stage process with individual creation times of up to four weeks. It is this exemplary level of craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail that truly defines the ROCIO brand. This ensures each client receives not only an accessory with a beautiful aesthetic but a masterpiece of collectable art epitomising eco-luxury & glamour in its purest sense.

ROCIO uses only the finest sustainable Acacia woods at their studios. The wood recieved is certified and it's suppliers are strictly verified by the environment of natural resources. When ever a mature tree is harvested, it is witnessed by a forest ranger and fifty tree saplings are planted. Nature grows with every single bag!

As such the bags are masterfully designed to be passed down the generations and not to continually consume the planet's resources and be discarded creating waste. As a key initiative ROCIO offers their customers a free repair service and a full restoration service of all their designs to help extend their longevity. The company is fully committed to a sustainable circular economy and in helping to reduce waste. ROCIO recycles & reuses each of their season's samples and collections. In July 2019 ROCIO was recognised for their initiatives by Scottish Edge and was the proud recipient of the first ever circular economy award sponsored by Zero Waste Scotland.

Hamish commenting:
"We never aspired to be in the fast fashion race and produce multiple collections each year. Our designs take precious time to create and that is what we love and the beauty of working with nature. At ROCIO our vision was simple. It was to create responsibly & ethically designs that would last for the long term and that had a beautiful aesthetic. For our clients to enjoy the bags for their purity, style and creativity. We hope that our bags bring our clients as much pride and pleasure and as we have had in their creation”.