Rocio is a creative eco-fashion label founded and based in Scotland. The brand's artistic direction is to design in a creative art style using only the finest sustainable wood.


The bags are individually created from solid blocks of aged harvested acacia wood by Rocio artisan's over a meticulous 19 stage process with individual creation times of up to 4 weeks. It is this exemplary level of craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to detail that truly defines the Rocio brand. Thus ensuring each client receives not only a beautiful accessory but a masterpiece of collectable art epitomising eco-luxury, style & glamour in its purest sense.

"We never aspired to be in the fast fashion race and produce multiple collections each year. Our designs take precious time to produce and it's the creative journey and transformation to art that is our greatest reward. It's a privilege to be able to work first hand with the raw beauty of nature. Our vision was simple. To create responsibly premium sustainable designs with an outstanding aesthetic that can be admired for the long term. We hope that our designs bring our clients as much pride and pleasure as we have had in their creation”.